A place to connect

Walk into a Peer Recovery Support Center and you might find a recovery meeting taking place. You may see someone in distress being comforted or find someone searching for health insurance on a shared computer. You may find a group of people playing instruments while a child dances and sings along. There is a good chance you will hear someone laughing. Each time you enter a Peer Recovery Support Center there is something you are certain to find: a friendly welcome from the greeter at the door and whoever happens to be nearby.

After relying on substances for many years, it can feel like a big risk to join a community because it means connecting with other people and possibly getting hurt. Isolation—self-imposed or otherwise—is a common experience in addiction. Building walls around yourself can be lonely, even if they feel safe.

Joining a community of people who’ve emotionally been where you’ve been can be extremely important for recovery. It helps to know that others have put up the same walls and felt the same darkness. People in recovery communities show you how to walk through difficult situations and how to sit with uncomfortable feelings. At a Peer Recovery Support Center, you see people around you begin to overcome difficulties and live with less chaos and you start to believe it could happen for you as well.

Peer Recovery Support Centers provide this kind of safe, supportive environment. They are run by peers—people in early and long-term recovery from addiction. They are women and men who are committed to contributing a positive, healthy space for all types of recovery. In addition to emotional support, they also provide:

  • A positive approach to recovery that’s about putting you in charge.
  • Training and skill development.
  • A variety of recovery meetings, including MAT, All Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, NA/AA, and more!
  • Fun social events that are alcohol and drug-free.
  • A chance to volunteer and give back to people in need.
  • The opportunity to be a leader and advocate for your community.

No matter where you are in your recovery and no matter what path you decide is right for you, a Peer Recovery Support Center will meet you where you are today. A life of recovery gives us the freedom to choose what is best for us, with guidance from those who came before us.  If we let them, they will show us the simple actions that move us toward healing and hope. Call us at The Helpline at 800-327-5050 or find one of the 10 Peer Recovery Support Centers near you here.