There is hope: On the Cape!

We continue to hear a lot of tough news about the opioid epidemic. Because of that, we have been looking for hope and we’ve been finding it across Massachusetts. Active addiction often feels lonely and hopeless. And watching a loved one go through addiction can be incredibly hard. Often, though, when someone is ready for a change, a small moment like a conversation—in person or over the phone, can offer hope and make a big difference.

The Helpline is there when that moment of clarity comes—when the desire to change arises. We aim to link you or your loved one to addiction treatment and recovery services as well as support services for family and friends. We provide resources for your next step in—or towards—recovery.

So, where else have we found hope? One place we’ve found it is on the Cape—at the Community Health Center of Cape Cod in Mashpee on the first Tuesday of every month (4-7pm). The Mashpee Substance Use Task Force is a group of about 15-20 community members who aim to prevent and reduce substance misuse and addiction. One way they are doing this is through a drop-in night that is open to all.

The Mashpee Task Force’s monthly drop-in night provides a safe, supportive space for individuals and families who are looking for counseling, education and referrals for their alcohol or other drug use. The drop-in open house is not a new model, but it is the first one on Cape Cod. Task force members have worked closely with and learned much from EB HOPE in East Bridgewater a nonprofit collaboration that launched in 2011.

Task Force Chairwoman, Gail Wilson shares: “We believe that the first step in recovery is making a connection with someone that can help. Our goal through the Drop-In Nights is making those important, life-changing connections–letting individuals struggling with substance use disorder know they are not alone.”

The open house style creates a safe, comfortable setting with service organizations, clinicians, and men and women with lived experience with a substance use disorder—all who are available to talk and connect with those who stop by. There is an opportunity for someone to hear the words, “I’ve been there” and “I understand.” Volunteers guide people to the services that are right for them—immediately, if possible.

Here are some of the free resources found at the drop-in night:

  • Clinicians/other counseling services
  • Narcan (Naloxone) education and training
  • Peer to peer support
  • Parent support groups
  • Peer Recovery Support Center volunteers
  • Homeless services and support
  • Support for older adults
  • Support for the Native American community

The space is comforting with food being shared. Services are free. Everyone is welcome.  The Mashpee drop-in night is a ray of hope in what is a dark time for many suffering from addiction or caring for someone with a substance use disorder. It is a relaxed setting to ask questions and learn more about treatment options, family support, and what it means to live a successful, happy life without alcohol or other drugs.

For more information about the Mashpee Substance Use Task Force, their monthly drop-in night and other activities, visit their website. The Helpline is also available to talk or chat 8am-10pm Mon-Fri, and 8am-6pm weekends. Or we can guide you to services online, anytime. You too can feel hope—reach out today.