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Opioid Overdose Rescue (Part 1)


Participants will learn about opioids and risk
factors for overdose. They will then explore
strategies for rescues and practice strategies
through scenarios.


Navigating Local Policy to Advance Community Change


State laws and policies can sometimes be hard to find and understand, so what are ways we can make this information more accessible to the communities they impact? If you are new to public health or coalition work, this training will help walk you through how to find public policy information in the Massachusetts State House, how policy can be used to support our work, and the ways in which coalitions can empower themselves to engage with their local policymakers in ways that work for their coalition and its members. There are many ways coalitions and their members can insert themselves in each stage of the process of policy change. The trainer will review how coalitions can find state policies and determine where they fit into the policy change process. Through group work and skill-building, participants will walk away with knowledge to increase their effectiveness and impact within the community, and feel confident in bringing their voice into the local policy arena.