For first responders

First responders play a key role in stopping and treating overdose. In Massachusetts, first responders including paramedics, police, and firefighters can purchase, carry, and administer naloxone. The Municipal Naloxone Bulk Purchasing program allows any state agency, municipality, or municipal first responder agency to purchase naloxone from the State Office of Pharmacy Services at the rate negotiated by the Commonwealth. To have a naloxone program, a first responder agency must have:

  1. A memorandum of agreement (MOA) for medical oversight (see example MOA with State Police)
  2. A valid MA Controlled Substance Registration on file with the MDPH Drug Control Program
  3. Training for its first responders, meeting requirements of A/R 2-100
  4. A naloxone supply

Information about the Naloxone Bulk Purchasing Program

Bulk Purchasing Notice
Guidance to municipalities
Information for municipalities, state agencies, and first responder departments
Guidance on Optional Naloxone Program for first responder agencies
Bulk purchasing frequently asked questions
First responders frequently asked questions

Training and technical assistance for first responders

Technical assistance for first responders
First responder naloxone grant webinar
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