How to access treatment

It can take time to understand your treatment options and to get into a program. A little extra information and patience can help you along the way.

For people seeking treatment in Massachusetts, there is “No Wrong Pathway.” This “No Wrong Pathway” policy means that no matter where you go for help or what point you’re at in recovery, you should receive treatment.

How can I get into a treatment program?

Talk with a Helpline specialist at 800.327.5050. Here are some more tips for a successful treatment search:

  • Know your insurance information before you start calling (See below: How does insurance and treatment work?).
  • Make calls to treatment programs first thing in the morning.
  • Be persistent. Call programs back every hour or two, even if a program asks you to call back the next day. For some services, like detox, there are more people calling than there are services available.
  • Remember that detox might not be where you need to start. The Helpline will provide you with options that fit your needs.
  • Be kind even if you’re frustrated. Treatment providers are trying to help many people get into treatment.
  • Keep checking in with Helpline staff. We might have new information about program availability.
  • Try an Opioid Urgent Care Center near you. There are three walk-in programs in MA.

How does insurance and treatment work?

You can access treatment in Massachusetts with or without health insurance, but you will need to know what kind of coverage you have. This might include private insurance, MassHealth, or Medicare.

The Helpline can guide you to treatment options that will work with your insurance. Choose an option below to learn more:

You can apply for health insurance

Here’s how you can apply for coverage:

  • Once you are in treatment, the provider can help you apply.
  • Go to your local community health center to apply.
  • Call Health Care for All at 800-272-4232 or visit their website to learn about health insurance and apply.

If you need help understanding your insurance and what services you can get, call the Helpline at 800.327.5050 and we’ll answer your questions.