Recovery Month

We at the MA Substance Use Helpline wish our community a happy Recovery Month!

About Recovery Month

Celebrating the strength of our community.

Recovery Month is a time to celebrate those in recovery and the strength of the recovery community. During Recovery Month, we remember that recovery is for everyone – and it can also look different for everyone. Whether you are just beginning your recovery journey, are in long-term recovery, or love someone who is in recovery, the Helpline can connect you to services and supports that are right for you.  

About recovery

Recovery is a personal journey.

Recovery is a process of change through which individuals improve their health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential (SAMHSA). While long-term recovery can be hard to imagine if you are still using or in early recovery, it is possible and happens every day. 

Recovery is personal, and it looks different for everyone. There are many ways to support recovery. Some of these options are self-help and mutual support groups, recovery coaching, Peer Recovery Support Centers, recovery homes, recovery high schools, and more. There are also medications available that help people enter and maintain recovery. Our Helpline Specialists can share a menu of options that will support your journey. Call us at 800.327.5050 to talk about what might be right for you, or learn more about recovery

Stories of recovery

Hear from real people in recovery

Real people in Massachusetts share their journeys into recovery and testify to the life-saving impact that the Helpline can have in connecting people with the treatment and resources they need.

You can see more stories of recovery here, featuring community members Stella, Christian, Mari, and Dan. 

Reach out

Connect with the Helpline.

If you’re ready to begin your recovery journey or are looking for more support, reach out to the Helpline by phone at 800.327.5050. We’re here for you.

Join our community of Helpline Champions.
The Helpline Champions are an inspired group of individuals who reach out in simple, powerful ways in their own communities to increase use of harm reduction services, substance use disorder treatment, and recovery support services in Massachusetts. Anyone can be a Helpline Champion; learn more about the program and the 2022 Fall Workshop. 

Attend an event during Recovery Month.
Find an event near you on our MA Helpline calendar of statewide events

BeHere Initiative 
The Behavioral Health and Racial Equity (BeHERE) Initiative envisions an equitable behavioral health system that allows us all to thrive. BeHERE offers education, training, and support to those working to address the behavioral health needs of their communities. See the BEHere Training & Events calendar.