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Hope in Action: Supporting Youth and Young Adults

During this interactive morning, we will share information with one another in large and small groups to better understand the needs of this community and the services and support we all provide. Through these conversations we hope to build connections to better serve youth and young adults with substance use disorders and other concerns and the providers that serve them.

Supporting People Who Use Drugs: Strategies for Service Providers

Many service providers are likely interacting with people who use drugs and/or people who are at risk for overdose. Being able to effectively support and engage with people who use drugs (PWUD) is vital in our work if we want to help keep our clients and participants safe from overdose and other adverse health effects.  Collectively, there is a lack of comprehensive training on how we can effectively support this population, while being nonjudgmental and non-stigmatizing in our approach. This training will offer participants an opportunity to explore reasons why people may use drugs, how we can assess risk using the “drug, set, setting” model, and how we can design our physical program spaces to support engagement among our participants and clients who use drugs.

Behavioral Health Training: Exploring Pathways of Recovery

When we recognize that recovery looks different for every person, we can better advise our clients. This training will introduce various forms of recovery, from medication to 12-step programs to cognitive based therapies. Participants will also explore stigma around recovery and how to best support our clients.