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Challenging Narratives: Understanding Alcohol Use from an Equity Lens

Conventional narratives of the “opioid crisis” or “opioid epidemic” have often ignored the intimate connections between opioid use and alcohol use. One of the leading risk factors for opioid overdose is the mixture of opioids with other depressants, including alcohol. This three-hour training will explore the definition and impacts of alcohol use, recognizing the spectrum of use from abstinence to addiction. Specifically, we will examine the social determinants of alcohol use and seek to understand and challenge inequities (e.g. racial, gender-based, etc.) in treatment and recovery.

MOAR Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Speaker Series: Vesper Moore

The Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Speaker Series invites speakers from a range of organizations, communities,
and all walks of life, to share experiences around DEI, and discuss strategies aimed at fostering social justice and equity.

MOAR is committed to creating Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the recovery community.
We hope that by listening, learning and creating safe spaces for open dialogue, we can begin to understand
the many manifestations of racial injustice and inequity.