Services for youth and young adults

Talk with a Helpline Specialist (800-327-5050) about your questions and concerns

Many parents can’t tell if their child is struggling with substance use, and they might not know where to turn. Helpline Specialists can answer your questions and refer you to services to help your child and you.

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Answer a few anonymous questions about your child’s needs, and you’ll get a tailored list of services for your child.

Several services are available for youth and young adults:

Youth and Young Adult recovery resources

Being part of a recovery community can help keep young people on their personal recovery path. It can also help them avoid setbacks and move forward if setbacks do occur. Supportive recovery communities provide a network of other young people who enjoy life without alcohol or other drugs. There are many types of supports available for young people in Massachusetts who are in recovery from a substance use disorder.

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Learn how to best find services and get someone into a treatment program – with or without insurance.

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The Bureau of Substance Addiction Services’ Office of Youth and Young Adult Services seeks to promote personal and family growth by ensuring that youth and young adults experiencing substance use and co-occurring disorders have access to developmentally appropriate, culturally responsive, and trauma-informed services and supports. It works to ensure that all youth and young adults experiencing problems with substance use and/or other co-occurring challenges have equal access to the opportunities and supports necessary to transform their lives and reach their full potential.