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If you’re ready for treatment, we’ll help you find the services that are right for you.


Change is possible.
Treatment is your first step.

For many people, change starts with treatment.

Treatment is often the first step on a person’s journey to change and recovery. Treatment can help you stop using alcohol or other drugs or use them differently so you can start to explore what your life in recovery looks like. Some people try treatment more than once because the road to change isn’t always a straight line. This is normal, and okay.

Everyone’s treatment path is different, and the Helpline can help you find where to start. Our Helpline Specialists can talk about your options with you. Call us at 800.327.5050 to connect with a Helpline Specialist.

Treatment for substance use disorder combines medical care, like helping you through withdrawal symptoms or starting medication that helps with cravings, with services that help people learn coping skills.

Treatment is given in an inpatient or outpatient setting. During inpatient care, people will stay in the treatment center and receive care, including any medical care they need. In outpatient care, you might live at home and come in for counseling daily or a few times a week. You and your treatment provider will decide together what kind of treatment is right for you.

If you’re thinking about starting treatment and wondering about where to start, you can answer a few questions to start to learn about what treatment services might be right for you. Your answers are anonymous.

It can take some time to understand your treatment options and to get into a treatment program, and that might feel frustrating when you’re ready to start. A little extra information can help you along the way.

Massachusetts has a no wrong door policy. This means that no matter where you go for help or what point you’re at in recovery, you should receive treatment if that is what you want. Below are some other things to know about how to start treatment.


Getting into a treatment program

Call early.

The best time to make calls to treatment programs is first thing in the morning.

Know your insurance information.

You can get treatment in MA with or without health insurance, but if you do have insurance, it’s helpful to have your insurance information in front of you when you are calling programs. To learn more about getting treatment without insurance, read the Treatment and Insurance section below.

Keep calling.

Call programs back every hour or two, even if a program asks you to call back the next day. You can also check with a Helpline Specialist by calling 800.327.5050. We might have new information about what is available.

Try an Opioid Urgent Care Center.

They can assess your medical, behavioral health, and treatment needs. There are three walk-in programs in MA.


Treatment and insurance

You can get treatment in Massachusetts with or without health insurance. The Helpline can guide you to treatment options that will work with your insurance status. Learn more from the options below.

I don’t have insurance.

You can still get treatment. There are providers in MA that offer free (state-funded) services to people without health insurance.

Talk with a Helpline Specialist to find state-funded service providers or search for these treatment providers online. Start by answering some questions about your needs. Make sure you choose “No” as your answer to the question that asks if you have health insurance. This will make sure you are only shown services that are free to you. These programs are paid for by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Bureau of Substance Addiction Services (BSAS), and will have the BSAS logo next to them.

I don’t know if I have insurance, or I want to apply for health insurance.

You can find out if you have insurance by calling Health Care for All (HCFA) at 800.327.4232. They can also help you apply for insurance if you don’t have it. You can also apply for health insurance once you are in treatment, on the MA Health Connector Website, or at your local community health center.

I have insurance.

Call your insurance provider to make sure you are covered for the services you need. You can call the Helpline first if you aren’t sure what services you need. If you have other questions about your health insurance, you can call HCFA at 800.327.4232. HCFA also provides an online glossary of health insurance terms that can help you understand your insurance better.


Your rights in treatment and recovery

You or your loved one have rights and protections in treatment and recovery. RIZE MA has an online toolkit that can help you understand and advocate for your rights in treatment, especially your rights around insurance, prescriptions, and getting treatment if you are undocumented.

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Talk to a Helpline Specialist for nonjudgmental and confidential support and guidance. Call 800.327.5050, text us at 800327, or chat with us online. If you feel more comfortable exploring your options on your own, get started by answering some questions anonymously or searching for services online.