Recovery from substance use disorder is possible and, for many people, it begins with treatment. Treatment services can help you stop using substances and learn to live a full life without alcohol and other drugs.

Some people try treatment more than one time. Even if you’ve relapsed in the past, your next try can be your path to long-term recovery.

What does treatment look like?

Treatment for substance use disorder brings together medical care – such as managing withdrawal symptoms – with services that help people build coping skills. All programs help people build toward a life free of substances.

Some treatment services offer care 24 hours a day and people stay on site (called inpatient services). Other treatment programs have people come for counseling a few times a week (called outpatient services). You can work with your treatment provider to determine what length and kind of treatment is right for you. Learn more about the different kinds of treatment services here.

Different services help people at different points in their path to recovery. The Helpline is here to make sure that you are not alone in this process.

What treatment is best for me?

It’s OK if you don’t know what kind of treatment you need. When you call the Helpline at 800.327.5050, our trained specialists will ask you a few questions about your needs and offer options that are right for you.

Helpline Specialists can tell you how each treatment works and answer your questions. You can also learn more about treatment options here and how to access the treatment that is right for you.